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Catching up still...9-12 months

So this post will also be quite lengthy as I am still catching up on Jade's life from 9-12 months!  Wow.  Okay here goes!

At the beginning of June, I took Jade swimming with some of her friends from church.  Thank goodness the swimming was cut short from a nasty storm, because the girl was literally terrified of the water!  Paisley, Brice, and Nicole were just loving it- cooing and smiling...and then there was Jade.  Clinging to me as if her life depended on it.  Nuzzling her face in my neck.  And letting out a few screams every time she decided to look up and see that she was not on land.

After we went inside and got dressed, she was a different story!  She had fun crawling around and pulling books out of the basket with Pais.

And here is her in that walker...she loves this thing!  So glad I bought it at a consignment sale.  And no Mom, I never put it by stairs...I learned that the hard way when I was little.

Pure Joy!

 We had Ryan and Ashley over one night...I think this was after Jade had already gone to bed :)

We got a chance to hit Princeville Heritage Days with Devon and Leah and Michael and Raquel:

Here is the carousel we took her on- once I put it her on it, she cried the whole time.  I'm really not that mean of a parent, I promise!

We also took her on the big slide!  People probably thought we were crazy taking a 9 month old, but I think she liked it!

Or maybe not...see the very red, very nervous face??

Took my dad to Olive Garden for Father's Day.  We still owe Dad Stoller a dinner too! Ouch. We're a little late...

I can't tell you how much I am going to miss this little face looking over the ledge at me :)

And this is how she likes to ride in the grocery cart...face forward and here we go!

Love her.

And here is the 3rd of July at Grandma Kay's in Morton- just like every year.  We put Jade to bed instead of letting her watch the fireworks...which was probably a good idea considering the incidents with the pool and carousel.  Next year Jaders!

We also spent a lovely time with friends on the 4th.  Here, Jade is stealing toys from Asher (who is about 3 weeks younger than Jade):

And here is our second attempt at the pool.  After that initial time, I decided to get a kiddy pool so she could get more used to the water, since we had vacation coming up in August.  As evidenced by her smile, she did better, but most the time she just whined and wanted out.  Sheesh!

Hitting up Lou's driving with my two favorites :)

Eating fun!

There she is again...peeking over the ledge!

Towards the middle of July, Jade had a high fever for a couple days and then broke out in a rash.  I'm pretty sure it was roseola...tough couple of days...but we've had worse!

Ha!  It's like Mark and Ryan if they were girls!

At this stage, she is really starting to get into stuff.  Tear things apart- including magazines, books, whatever.

Sunday before church:

Being silly in our swimsuits...I think she was pointing at my phone because she wanted it.  She LOVES my phone.  But what baby doesn't like phones that can do everything but walk your dog??

Oh man, this picture makes me and Mark laugh every time.  Since I thought Jade was doing a little better at being in the pool outside, and I saw this awesome giraffe pool on sale...I decided to "take the plunge" (haha!) and get it.  Mark blew it up and put it outside when she was sleeping, so she didn't see it until that next morning.  I distinctly remember her crawling around on the kitchen floor and then she sees it.  Stares at it.  Stares at it some more.  Looks at me.  Stares at it again.  And then busts out crying!   
She still hasn't been able to get near that pool without tears.  So we put it away for the summer...maybe next year babe!

One gorgeous day we went hiking at Forest Park Nature Center by Grandview Drive...Jade loved it.

 Seeing the ducks and Grandma and Grandpa Fehr's house:

Jade is probably about 10 months here and I believe she started standing on her own without support (for very minimal time periods though).  As you can see, she isn't happy about it.  Or maybe she was just in dire need of a nap :)

So if you look close in this picture, you can see most of Jade's food on the floor.  Grrr...when she doesn't like something, she just throws it on the floor!  And when she does like something, she throws a few pieces on the ground before she eats it.  Mark calls it the "sacrificial offering" haha! 

And I love taking pictures of her she is using her owl stuffed animal as a pillow with her face to the crib bars!

This picture is classic Jade.  We got home from the grocery store and I was busy putting down groceries and unpacking the car.  I didn't realize that I left her in the room with all the Gerber Puffs!  So as I am busy in the kitchen, I hear "um num num"...and I am like thinking "Why is she saying that?  She isn't eating..." Umm no- wrong.  She poured all those puffs on the ground and was chowing down as fast as she could.  Good thing she's cute!

See that little walker toy in the background?  She didn't like it at first.  So she used her stand up play station to walk around instead :)  She's innovative, isn't she??

There she is with that owl again! I love it.

 And here is Fehr Family vacation in Galena, IL!  The boys all got to go golfing together...aren't they a studly group?

Waving "hi" or "bye bye":

Either biting or kissing Brady...not sure which!

The girls hanging while the boys golfed:

Sweet little Maddie:)

I love these next two pictures.  Looks like they are conversing and devising a plan...

And then carrying it out!  I guess Jade is leading the charge?!  Or maybe making a break for it!!

Girls going shopping while the boys watched the kids!

And I'm sure you are all wondering...did Jade like the pool??

The answer is....


She didn't like it right away, but after a little while, she had a blast!

Watching Curious George with the Brady and Teyden!  Or as I sometimes accidentally refer to them as Teydy and Breyden :)

Quick family pic..

My mom got these hilarious glasses at one of the little shops and so Mark and I tried them on for Jade.  She was very unsure...haha!

The whole family.  I think we do our best pictures when they are just off the cuff like this!  Until next year guys...we had a great time :)

Towards the end of August, Leah and I hit Dunlap days with Paisley and Jade.  She was not too sure about the goats.

Here is a classic..."I am having a bad day, Mom" picture...notice the red, tired eyes??  Pretty sure she was screaming just prior to this picture being taken.

As Kristin so aptly stated...nothing but a diaper and a headband...classy :)

One of the last saturdays in August, Mark and I went up to Oakbrook for a day trip to do some quick shopping.  Mark fully enjoyed Ikea:

The desk at Restoration Hardware that he WISHED he could build himself :)

And an early dinner at the cheesecake factory before heading home!  I love spending time with this guy...he never ceases to make me smile.

Here are 4 out of 6 in Jade's Sunday School class.  Logan, Brice, Paisley, and Jade.  We are just missing Asher and Kinley!

Here we hit up the Peoria zoo for the very first time with Heidi and Bridget and Carter.  She loved it!

And she loved the budgies...

Such a fun day Heidi!  We need to do it again before it gets cold (and AJ, you need to come too!)

Getting ready for fall...modeling her new jean jacket!

This is a very common scene...when Mom has to get ready, Jade gets to schwuddle in the cabinets (I think only the Steffens understand what that word means :)  Although most of you can figure it out!

And now she will barely sit in the front of the cart... so we tried the most dangerous position possible.  But look at the joy on her face!  How could I resist!   

Now she's using the laundry basket as her walker!

 The last weekend in August, Krista and Ashlyn came up for a little while...we had a lot of fun with them even though the time was short.  Mom S- where were you??

Love this picture of Jade and Grandpa Stoller:


She looks so happy in this wagon :)

She was trying to fish things out of the dishwasher- and got her hand caught.  And yes, I took a picture of it! 

On the move...crawling walking.  But I have to say I am having a hard time keeping up with this kid!

Now she loves her walker toy!

Turning into a climber- trying to scale the bathroom tub...

Sometimes I will catch her just looking at books in her sweet :)

One day when we were at Walmart, I decided to set Jade in the Bob the Builder ride.  In the words of Shayne... "Can we fix it?? No we can't!!" 

Sucking on a mango seed:

Well I think that concludes most of Jade's life from 9-12 months.  She is getting more and more fun every day and we love watching her learn!  

By the end of 12 months Jade has learning quite a bit including:
-Waving hi and bye most of the time
-Saying "Light"
-Saying that monkeys go "ah ah ah"
-Saying that bunnies go "hop hop hop"
-Saying "hot"
-Still saying "Mama" and "Dada"
-Crawling everywhere and cruising furniture
-Giving high fives
-Giving sloppy kisses
-Dancing to music
-Clapping her hands
-Pointing at EVERYTHING
-Saying "Ma" for more

And probably so many other things I've missed!  She has definitely got a personality and we are excited to see her next big milestones come up!

Check back next time for a post of her 1 year birthday party!

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